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SEPTEMBER 13-16, 2016


A free online event with step by step instructions on how to convert leads and sales from video marketing.



Industry thought leaders who share their tricks at the Video Success Summit. You can now get access to all sessions.

Anjali Sud

General Manager, Creator Platform at Vimeo

Alex Wain

Founder at So Good Media, in 346 days over 3,700,000+ people have tuned in watching an astounding 61,000 hours of continuous video in the process

Ray Higdon

Owner and CEO at RayHigdon.com, 160,000 email list, $4 million a year in revenues

Jake Larsen

Founder & Owner at Video Power Marketing, able to grow his online marketing agency from 0 to 6 figures in revenue within 8 months

Tim Schmoyer

Founder at Video Creators, one of the first to be certified by YouTube in Audience Growth. Grew channels from 0 to $15k/month in Adsense revenue in only 9 months.

Mark Harbert

Video Marketing Trainer and Expert at Harbert Marketing LLC, 60K leads online and over 3500+ new customers for his business

Aaron Zakowski

Facebook Ads Expert at Zammo Digital Marketing, generated over 1,000,000 video views for his clients with Facebook ad

Doug Kessler

Co-founder, creative director at Velocity, Video plays a key role in the purchase journeys of pretty much all of our clients -- at every stage of the buying process

Summer Felix

Co-Founder at The Draw Shop, recently we did the animation for Prince EA's video and received over 2M views in just a couple of days and 4,563,543 Views in just over a week

Ian Whitlow

Director of Client Strategy at Explainify, built their business on video marketing

Miguel Hernandez

Founder of Grumo Media with million views attained for his clients

Luria Petrucci

Video Pioneer & CEO at Geeks University, teaching small business owners and entrepreneurs how to get more traffic, fans and sales with online video and live streaming

Matt Ballek

Video Marketing Consultant at VIDISEO, built a 6 figure consulting business using YouTube, enrolled over 2k students in his premium courses, helped clients 10X their revenue from YouTube

Roberto Blake

Creative Entrepreneur, Marketer and Speaker at Create Awesome Media with over 120k YouTube subscribers, produced over 750-1,000 online videos from YouTube and other major video platforms including over 200 Live streams

Christian Karasiewicz

Founder & CEO at Social Chefs™, Generated 5,000,000+ views, 40K+ subscribers

Derral Eves

Video Marketing Strategist at Creatus, has the biggest "How to YouTube" channel in the world with over 280,000 and generated over 100 million dollars for his clients using online video

Benji Travis

Video Influencer Expert at Video Influencers, multiple 7 figure businesses built from Youtube channels, 7+ Years experience in online video. $500,000+ raised for charity in 5 years using social media

David Walsh

Chief Video Geek at David Walsh Online, helped subscribers and clients get over 10m subscribers on YouTube through free videos and working with them directly

Jace Vernon

Founder at Ydraw and Yinc, 13 cent conversions, spent $10,000 on video ads to make $300,000, create 300 to 500 leads per week

Alex Jamieson

Producer & Digital Marketing Consultant at VCM Interactive. Has used video marketing to expand the number of leads for numerous businesses across North America and the UK.

David Murdico

Creative Director, Partner at Supercool Creative Agency. Write / direct / market videos for the coolest brands, businesses and startups on the planet. Millions of views leading to millions in sales

Jeremy Vest

Founder & CEO at Vidpow, Over 500 million organic views on YouTube

Tom Breeze

YouTube Ad Expert at Viewability, Built and worked with over 2000 video ad campaigns across many industries with clients across the globe.

Kevin Jordan

Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant at Redpoint Marketing Consultants, helps local business produce professional & effective videos that answers customer's questions, explain value proposition & increase conversion rate

Justin Teoh

Leading Video Marketer at Nice Guy Marketing, helped some of the world's leading international speakers and internet marketers generate leads, customers and sales by using video

Tracy Timberlake

Video Marketing Strategist at Successinista, LLC with 2.2+ million video views over 30,000 social media follows and 23K+ YouTube subscribers

Lou Bortone

CEO at Lou Bortone Video Marketing, built his following, grew his list and a 6-figure business using video

Paul Warren

Founder & CEO at Insiteful & eCommerceClub, successfully use viral videos on many clients Facebook posts that result in well over $100k in sales in 4-12 week periods

Bob Heilig

Your Virtual Upline at Bob Heilig Media LLC, made over $500k in revenue from his new business that started December 2015

Kelly Wonderlin

Digital Lifestyle Expert & Video Marketer at Kelly Wonderlin, with 30k+ followers across all social media platforms, video marketing helped expand her business and grow her audience

Jesse Chard

Director at Ritual Media, and head of Video at World Nomads, his video campaigns assisted tens of thousands of email leads and half a million views across multiple platforms - video was an integral part of this success

Krista Neher

CEO at Boot Camp Digital, create a solid video strategy to drive your social media engagement, followers and business results

Tired of getting no results? Then this is for you. A journey to get conversions and sales using Video.

Why use video marketing?

In 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video.
If you want to increase your leads and sales, video marketing should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. From social media to product explainers, whether you’re a B2B business or product based – video is everywhere, and growing fast!
The best marketers know the importance of building a relationship with your audience. Studies have shown that people’s trust drastically increases for businesses who produce video.
The Video Success Summit will give you insights into the most current trends of video marketing, with concrete, step-by-step strategies for you to implement into your business.


✓ Do you want more leads for your business?
✓ Are you tired of trying video marketing without seeing any results?
✓ Have you ever felt like video holds so much potential, but you’ve been unable to utilize it?
✓ Do you need help to get started and support to guide you along the way?
If you tick just one or even all the boxes, then this is for you.


Basic setup and technical equipment for your video marketing

How to make powerful testimonial videos

SEO to get more video views long into the future

Why FAQ video content can save you loads of time

Steps to setup your Gmail video ad campaign

How to structure and organize your video transcript

Ways to create video that turns viewers into customers

How to get over your fear of the camera

Identify metrics for the success of your video

Re-target your audience using video ads

Tips for the description and caption of your videos

Where to host your video: Facebook vs YouTube vs Vimeo

and much more…

Hear how experts use Video
to get featured in the media


Liam Austin


My name is Liam Austin – host of the Video Success Summit.

I’m a strategic partnerships expert and the founder of Entrepreneurs HQ, an online community of 100,000+ small business owners.

The past 8 months, I’ve grown my email list by 48,000 subscribers through online video.  I’m always on the lookout for new ways to grow my business, and I want to learn from the best.

Come join me on my latest endeavor and let’s take our businesses to the next level with video.

I’ll see you on September 13-16!




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